© 2022 Daisy Ziyan Zhang


Architecture Design; at Neeson Murcutt Architects, Sydney, 2017
All materials presented here are completed by myself

This project is a visitor center located on the historical site of a female convict factory in Tasmania set up by the British army, the only remaining female factory in the world with substantial remnants from a history of forced immigration, incarceration and colonization. This proposal traced the original heights of remnant decayed stone walls where the presence of time is acutely felt, and remake an enclosure that gently touches the relic of the wall while opening up to its sublime landscape around. A walkway is created journeying from the terrace to the excavated archaeological foundations, conjuring a misty atmosphere emanating from the rivulet outside. The field is delicately saturated with planting, poetically contrasting with the bleakness of adjacent yards, and eliciting contemplation of the past. Here, tapestry as a foregrounded texture for the canopy and interior walls bridges the history and the present.