© 2022 Daisy Ziyan Zhang


Exhibition, Comissioned by UCCA Edge; Shanghai, 2023
In collaboration with Yalun Li and Feiyue Chen as an artist collective Dunes Workshop

Borrowing the notion of "immensity" by Gaston Bachelard that unveils a profound depth of individual experience within the intimacy of "home," this exhibition is an intimate journey re-discovering home through the perspective of consumption. Whether it's the dishes that always awaits washing, the floor that gets dirty too quickly, the radiating blue light from various flickering screens, or the siren call of social media that setting a “time limit” won’t salvage you from drowning, there seems to be no off-hour. Everyone is tired. 

Set against such backdrop in China, overcast by the gloomy economic uncertainty, where individuals often feel powerless and opt for a "Tang Ping" (lying flat) lifestyle, this exhibition works with six participants to share each of their own unique stories where domestic consumption is most palpable. Utilizing 3D scanning techniques, domestic spaces are captured and defamiliarized into abstract yet remotely recognizable architectural drawings, presented at a 1:1 scale within the unique gallery space of corridors. Millions of dots representing quotidian objects, mundane space, and daily rituals compose an immersive walking experience that invites viewers to decode stories of intimacy eroded by domestic consumption. 

Special thanks to Curator Mengni Qian at UCCA Edge, Shanghai