Water Garden

Professional | with Neeson Murcutt Architects, 2018 
Assisting with research, design iterations, models, drawings, visualisation and documentation.
All materials presented here are completed by myself.

This project is an aquatic centre in a hetirage listed park – the furthest navigable point by boat during colonial eras, and a fertile place therefore established as the first colonial farm. It is also a place where the Governor’s Domain was transformed to a public park – from authority to recreation. Nowadays, the park is a precious green space at a sloping edge of the major urban centre. It also faces challenges of population growth and dwindling biodiversity. Inspired by multiple cultural reference, such as indigenous waterhole, Asiatic water gardens, Indian and Middlee-Estern step wells, etc. this project is an attemp to create a unique bathing experience for the public.

along Parramatta River

The flatness of water and slope of the site together inspire a cascade of pools that spiral with the topography and therefore embedded in the landscape. The pools are sheltered by a picturesque cloud-like parasol roof that is tilted on axis to the Old Government House to preserve views across it to the landscape. The parasol has an oculus that invites sunlight directly to the 50m pool. Facilities are planned on different layers within a radial crescent, all with views both to the pool and the park, capped with a green roof. Architecture is discreetly concealed, providing a thickened and ‘continuous’ green edge.

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