Academic | UC Berkeley, instructor Lisa Iwamoto, 2015

This series of four projects, Spatial Montage, Double Negative, The Stairs and The Library started from recreateing architectural photography and investigating the three dimensionality in 2D representation. The language discovered through this process is then carried over as the form finding rule for “Double Negative”, an attempt to understand space through the intersection of voids.
“Spatial Montage” to “Double Negative”

The Stairs 
The site is a sloping lot with a height difference of 14 ft/4.2m. The concept of this project is the intertwinement of two sets of circulation, with the gesture of “slightly slipping” to allow for the interplay of light and shadow, as well as strategic framing of views. This stair intervention facilitates the access to the front street, the adjacent green space and the carpark at the back; offers viewing platform, small gathering areas, and accessible rooftop. It is not just stairs, but a unique spatial experience unfolded through the viewer’s movement. 


The Library
This project reflects on the proposition of a contemporary library - why do we still want to go to libraries?  

This project responds with an immersive experience unfloded through movement - merged into the circulation voids, bookeshelves which wrap all way around and up, and hug inside various programs. The language of “slipping” carried on from “The Stairs” allow for natural lights in all levels in a constraint urban setting. Learning happens, through books, internet, multi-media, communication, social interactions, playing, ambience... anywhere and anytime.



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