People’s Pool

Academic | MIT, Instructor Mariana Ibanez, Kyle Coburn, and Max Kuo, 2020 
In Collaboration with Aleksy Dojnow, Yoonjae Oh. All materials presented here are results of teamwork.

This is a fictional proposal for a creative one-week competition of a public pool in Brooklyn, one that incorporates multiple programmes such as swimming pools, playgrounds, cycle paths, running tracks, rock climbing walls, basketball courts, etc. Our team reflects on the current crisis of increasing lack of space in urban context, surging traffic jam, the conflict between existing city fabric and new construction, potential flooding due to climate change, etc. with an interest in discovering the potential of architecture to address some of these issues at an urban scale. This project undertook a radical approach of imagining a futuristic city that portraits the reuse of existing urban fabric, the juxtaposition of public and private space, the rearrangement of public programmes in vertical spaces.

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