Land Forms

Academic | MIT, Instructor Kyle Coburn, 2020

This special interest of this project is how architecture forms and serves a community. Situated on a site sandwiched by the water and the city, this project, a contemporary YMCA, mediates this unique edge condition through morphing the relationship between architecture and landscape. The programs were hosted by three interconnected clusters - the community pavilion, the gym pavilion, and the pool pavilion.

This project also attempts to discover a new approach towards “surface”. Blurring the distinction between roadway, sidewalk, public plaza, landscape, ground, roof, wall, entrance, exit, and boardwalk. This project stretches the potential for architecture to be “zero sum”, simply meaning that the land occupied by the building and its corresponding development is given back to the public in a new form. Transitional, mediating, ambiguous and porous - land forms architecture.

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