Kiss and Bones 

Academic | MIT, instructor Christopher Dewart, 2021

This is an exploration of my interests in furniture making, experimenting with both traditional woodworking skills and digital fabrication. The workflow pays a constant visit among sketches, 3D modelling, handcrafting, CNC flip milling, etc. I was particularly interested in the relationship between geometric perfection and material properties. The first project, “Kiss”, tests and pushes the limit of hardwood (cherry) in order to realise a perfect tangency with the thinnest possible transition without material failure. The second project, “Bones” challenges the notion of delicacy while optimising the geometry with consideration of load distribution. 

I. Kiss

II. Bones


part of “Desktop”  exhibition in celebration of learning through trial and error

Along The Way 

optimising layout to minimise timber waste, hack CNC with a marker to draw the digital profile as an accurate reference for assembly, adjust accordingly

make mould for flip-milling, trial run with foam, improve CNC toolpath, then flip mill timber

make seat and back rail, demould, clean up, polish, and assemble
deepest love and gratitude for Chris!


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