Frozen Forces

Academic | MIT, instructor Skylar Tibbits and Hussein Chalayan, 2021
Exhibited at MIT Museum

At the intersection of design, fashion and technology, this project embraces the beauty of ageing. It explores the concept of intelligent skin from a different perspective - idiosyncratic material characteristics - instead of electronics and quantitive signals. Through the fusion of everyday materials, a new fabric was created that amplifies wrinkles. As an antithesis of ironing, this project celebrates the traces of wearing history instead of a constant elimination and refreshment. This new material freezes forces that are applied to the fabric while being infinitely malleable. Every use, every interaction and movement transcribes a unique crease, creating an infinitely sculptable piece of garment as a custody of our own time and history.

every force creates a unique crease
history of wearing

imprinting the body
self-adhesive assembly through heat therefore no sewing is required 

Final discovery  
I. “One Bag”  (40s)

II. “Five Bags” (50s)

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